(backside knee shot of 1 Korean mix Russian blonde girl),((slightly sagging butts)), (proper thigh gap),  blurred monotone background, Short Blunt Cut Bob haircut, top knot bun, ((silky texture red slim skirt)), non-conspicuous and hidden seam, perfect proportioned body, ((true-red colored clothing)), ((slick surface over butt crack)), (skin-tight pull-over),(thin spandex pencil skirt), clothes reflecting sensual bodyline, no wrinkle on the butt crack,looking side slightly, perfect midriff, icy eyeshadow, Pale skin,((with Channel sunglasses on)), juicy lips, bracelet, earings, Long Eyelashes, Hourglass body, reversed-heart-shaped butts, blurred one-colored background, sexy flank, ,hourglass body shape,butterfly_top,from behind,Nice legs and hot body,Eurasian,Enhance