((27-year-old Russian girl)) with a gorgeous and cute appearance. Capture her with a ((smirk)) and highlighting her ((freckles)). She should be wearing a ((green top and pink skirt)). In the background, include a young girl in a green top and pink skirt for context. This should be a ((masterpiece)) with a ((best_quality)) in ultra-high resolution, both ((4K)) and ((8K)), incorporating ((HDR)) for added vibrancy. Utilize a ((Kodak Portra 400 lens)) to achieve a professional and timeless quality. Emphasize a ((blurry background)) with a touch of ((bokeh)) and ((lens flare)) for artistic effect. Enhance ((vibrant colors)) for a lively appearance. Ensure the photograph is ((ultra-detailed)) and showcases ((absurdres)) details. Pay extra attention to capturing the ((beautiful face)) of the subject, focusing on features such as ((large breasts)) and a ((narrow waist)). Highlight any ((tattoos)) present. The goal is to create a ((professional photograph)) that is both visually striking and technically superb.