hyper detailed masterpiece, dynamic realistic digital art, awesome quality,DonMFr0stP4nkXL male vampire, legendary creature, force, power, blood, undead, beautyful, alluring, night, moon, fangs, fantasy,  young adult fit, greek, honey eyes, elongated ears, dorsal hump nose, unique chin,  chiseled cheeks, high forehead,   , teal short and messy hairstyle hair, affection,  humming a melodious incantation, infusing magic with sound vibrations,      wearing celestial,familiar,amulet,enchanted moonlight magician's pants,  mystic tunic, sorcerer's buckled boots,  , channel (mystical,swirling,hyper-information nexus,curved lines,spiral lines,plasma,cadmium orange,spotted spellcasting,mage ,gouache paint,3d printer electric current,translation,cylinder,cybernetic storms magic:1.0), rune invocation, tracing runes in the air for spell activation, radiant aura, radiant aura, a creepy underground catacomb, with rows of old coffins and eerie whispers in the air,snow, ice  <lora:DonMFr0stP4nkXL-000006:1>