hyper detailed masterpiece, dynamic realistic digital art, awesome quality,DonMFr0stP4nkXL male nymph, ethereal beauty, nature's guardian, alluring grace, youthful appearance, connected to the environment, magical presence, nature spirits, reside in forests and water bodies, fantasy,  fifty-something agile, polynesian, emerald eyes,  short nose, cleft chin,   low forehead,  cute navel, , strawberry blonde man bun hair, pride,  using a staff to amplify magical energy, connecting with its power,      wearing mystifying,stun,enliven,iron,ethereal ectoplasm,potion,enchanted moonlight celestial trousers,  alchemist capelet, celestial ankle boots, oracle headpiece, necklace with a charm or birthstone ,,face paint  bewitch (lapis lazuli vivify ,liquid crystal,intriguing,bewitching,time,particle snowfall,cube,pentagon,rhinestones,patent leather electric current,circulation,diagonal lines magic:1.0), holding an ancient artifact, eyes focused on deciphering its power, radiant aura,snow, ice  <lora:DonMFr0stP4nkXL-000006:1>