hyper detailed masterpiece, dynamic realistic digital art, awesome quality,DonMFr0stP4nkXL male nanotechnologist, extraterrestrial creatures- diverse life forms with imaginative appearances, ranging from elegant to monstrous, teenager ripped, inuit, deep blue eyes, asymmetrical ears, upturned nose,  round jaw,  angular forehead, round face shape,   , salt and pepper textured crop hair, hope, looking out with wonder and curiosity at vast cosmic landscapes.,  wearing alien atmosphere pattern    olive spore print microchip joggers,  robotic work jacket,   , showing off futuristic clothing or wearable technology., synthwave colors, space station interiors, artificial gravity chambers and magnetic walkways, ai-controlled biotechnology lab, magnetic shielding architecture, led outdoor lights, black lights,snow, ice  <lora:DonMFr0stP4nkXL-000006:1>