hyper detailed masterpiece, dynamic realistic digital art, awesome quality,DonMFr0stP4nkXL female galactic peacekeeper,  young adult, fit, inuit, blue eyes, gauged ears,     curved forehead, diamond face shape,   halloween makeup , dark brown crown braid hair, admiration, gesturing in a non-verbal exchange with an extraterrestrial being.,  wearing quantum-linked polymer    plasma discharge print    burntorange electroluminescent palazzo pants, mind-meld print    bluish-brown spore print thermal-regulating shrug,   sonic sound amplifier , engaging in unique and exotic cultural practices., quantum entanglement time travel nexus, levitation assisted elevators,aluminum, outdoor fire pit,bioluminescent ocean waves, neon lights,snow, ice  <lora:DonMFr0stP4nkXL-000006:1>