(best quality, 4k, 8k, highres, masterpiece:1.2), ultra-detailed, (realistic, photorealistic, photo-realistic:1.37), sport card, high speed motion, cinematic, vibrant color, smoke, dynamic angel view, sports car, athletic motion, action-packed scene, fast-paced, adrenaline-filled, high-energy, motion blur, explosive colors, dramatic lighting, dynamic composition, detailed rendering, fine texture, exhilarating, visual impact, strong sense of movement, dynamic angles, strong perspective, thrust of wind, glimpse of speed, powerful acceleration, exciting race, muscle car, sleek design, sharp lines, aggressive stance, precision engineering, engine roar, revving engines, road racing, fast and furious, vibrant racing colors, billowing smoke from exhaust, streaks of vibrant color, trailblazing speed, high-octane excitement, vibrant atmosphere, racing adrenaline, frenetic pace, fast reflexes, split-second decisions, determined athletes, fierce competition, heart-pounding moments, resilient competitors, athletic prowess, competitive spirit, victory celebrations, perseverance and dedication, unstoppable determination, athletic grace, heroic performances, spectacular sporting event, immersive experience, captivating visuals。,<lora:EMS-83971-EMS:0.800000>