An awe-inspiring digital painting that blurs the line between reality and fantasy,  (A Greek goddess girl with ethereal beauty and grace,  as imagined by the combined genius of Greg Rutkowski and Boris Vallejo:1.3),  Captured in a highly detailed,  sharp-focused,  and centered photograph with a sci-fi flair,  (A visionary concept art that transcends genres:1.3),  Bathed in mesmerizing blue-green color gel lighting,  casting geometric shadows and symmetrical patterns,  (A symphony of lights and shadows that defies imagination:1.3),  The goddess is adorned in an intricate and elegant silver and white futuristic costume,  (A vision of elegance and innovation:1.3),  With glowing lights and a depth of field that adds a sense of mystery,  (A composition that draws you into its world:1.3),  This artwork is destined to be a masterpiece showcased on ArtStation,  (A digital painting of unparalleled beauty and sophistication:1.3).,<lora:EMS-89307-EMS:0.800000>