(best quality:1.4), (highres:1.4), (high_resolution:1.4), (masterpiece:1.4), sidelighting, cinematic lighting, detailed lighting, volumetric lighting, super detail, hyper detail, intricate_details, ligne_claire, perpect face,

(1girl:1.4), complex background, (graphite_theme:1.2), bishoujo

evil_face, multicolor_hair, eye_shadow, eyeliner, mascara, spiral_eyes, closed_mouth, ear-piercing, shoulder-length_hair, pony_tail, venom, asymmetric_bangs, messy_hair, muscular, clothing is merged with body, no helmet, slender, carnage from marvel comics, hourglass_figure, Blood Vessel, blood on body and face, miserable_face, no gloss, r1ge

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