((Top Quality)), ((8K Wallpaper)), ((Ultra High Resolution)), Good Composition, (Ultra Detail), Beautiful Art, Artistic, Realistic, Beautiful, Good Art, Landscape, Movie scene,

A beautiful woman, photo of a beautiful girl CharStar with a beautiful body, (long blonde hair), (brown eyes), (perfect eyes), (detailed eyes), shiny skin, detailed skin, fine skin, (perfect anatomy), (realistic), five-fingered hand, wearing a ((t-shirt and yellow jacket),

shot on canon, film grain, shot by Christopher Nolan, hard shadow, masterpiece, best quality, Intricate, High Detail, analog style, (soft focus:0.6), modelshoot style, film grain, In Buenos Aires Argentina, glowing neon, Cyberpunk, neon lights, night city, neon light, buildings, beautiful view, raining, water drops, dynamic angle, lofi, EpicSky, ink scenery, cyberpunk style.

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