(anime, 8k, masterpiece,  top quality,  best quality, beautiful and aesthetic:1.2, professional illustrasion:1.1, ultra detail:1.3, perfect lighting), (extremely detailed, highest detailed, incredibly absurdres, highres, ultra detailed, intricate:1.6),  (best illumination,  best shadow,  an extremely delicate and beautiful,  white balance),  (Stable Diffusion:1.5),  ((AI image generation)),  (Depth:1.6),  (Girl:1.3),  (Silver hair:1.3),  (Art:1.3),  ((mature_woman)),  solo_female,  ((adult face)),  (((red skintone))),  (adult),  (fierce look),  tilted head,  morning_hair,  messy_hair,  (((split black latex bodysuit with laces))),  ((((see through long white sleeves)))),  (((black latex tighboots))),  cleavage cutout,  ((detailed abandoned ruins background)),  dim light,  natural lighting,  (front angle),  silver eyes,  hair on shoulders,  ((blunt bang:1.2)),  hime,  himecut,  hime_cut,  ((fringe_trim)),  ((front view)),  ((large breasts)),  narrow waist,  wide hips,  parted lips,  gentle smile,  perfecteyes,  col,  complex_background,  high contrast,  vivid colors,  (facing_viewer),  cameltoe,  portrait,  looking_at_viewer, ,  facing viewer