(masterpiece:1.2),  The picture shows a wolf wearing a helmet and wearing a leather jacket. The wolf has a formidable and powerful appearance, reminiscent of a warrior. The helmet he wears is made of heavy metal and has sharp teeth all around. The helmet covers his eyes, creating a mysterious and unapproachable look. Wolf also wears a leather jacket, which gives him extra protection and looks very stylish. The jacket has many small details such as embroideries, buttons and pockets that make it even more interesting and unique. The eyes of the wolf are hidden under the helmet, but their intensity and power penetrate the metal mask. The look of the wolf is full of determination and confidence, it expresses his strength and character. The wolf in the helmet has incredible power and strength. His muscular frame and formidable appearance speak of his unsurpassed physical strength. He looks like an invincible warrior, ready to take on any opponent. All these details create the image of a helmeted wolf, which is a powerful and impressive character., (waifu, anime, exceptional, best aesthetic, new, newest, best quality, masterpiece, extremely detailed:1.2),