cinematic (illustration:1.3) anime artwork breathtaking (masterpiece:1.1), (best quality:1.1), (ultra highres:1.1), (Hyperrealistic:1.2) 4K Unity Wallpaper, retrofuturistic car, (front angled view:0.5), low view, cyberpunk, wide fender flares, deep rims, racing wheels, (cinematic lighting:1.1), depth of field, bokeh, night time, city, neon lights in style of  ,  pen, ink, pencil, sketch . award-winning, professional, highly detailed . anime style, key visual, vibrant, studio anime, highly detailed .  professional, 4k,, cinematic film still  . shallow depth of field, vignette, highly detailed, high budget, bokeh, cinemascope, moody, epic, gorgeous, film grain, grainy, breathtaking  . award-winning, professional, highly detailed, horror-themed  . eerie, unsettling, dark, spooky, suspenseful, grim, highly detailed, long exposure photo of  . Blurred motion, streaks of light, surreal, dreamy, ghosting effect, highly detailed, pencil sketch