RAW, analog, Nikon Z 85mm, award winning glamour photograph,((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), ((realistic)), 18th century, vintage image, gorgeous French woman wearing, lace dress and corset, wearing a crown, 25 year old, (long brown hair), hazel eyes, small perky breasts, sitting outside at a Paris caf, eiffel tower in background, petite, ((small breasts)), innocent, flower pedals in the air, (freckles:0.6), intricate details, highly detailed, sharp focus, professional, 4k, spring flowers blooming, god rays, hand model, stunning blue eyes, petite, delicate, innocent,highres, detailed facial features, high detail, sharp focus, smooth, aesthetic, extremely detailed, photo_\(ultra\), photorealistic, realistic, post-processing, max detail, roughness, real life, ultra realistic, photorealism, photography, 8k uhd, photography, SEMI-SILHOUETTE light, russian face,  <lora:b3rli_v1-000002:0.8>