(Stunningly beautiful photorealistic medium full shot of a woman dressed as Peach Princess, Pink dress, Golden crown, Earrings and necklace, White gloves, :1.3), (red lipstick, choker:1.2), noticeably delineated visible massive breast and wide thighs and hips, alluring smile, casual hairstyle, highly detailed eyes, realistic eyeballs, detailed symmetrical realistic face, simetrick eyeballs, eyeballs small eyepieces, natural skin texture, highly detailed skin, porous skin, peach fuzz, masterpiece, absurd, dark eye colors, golden blonde hair, (background out of a street, skyscrapers, sidewalks, trees, bushes, flowers:1.4), long wavy hair, see-through clothes, full body 1.8, award winning photo by lee jeffries, stock photography nikon d850 film, kodak lens portra 400 f1.6 camera, extremely detailed, stunning, fine detail, rich color, hyper realistic texture, dramatic lighting, natural shadow, unrealengine, trending on artstation, cinestill 800 tungsten, looking at the viewer, photorealistic, RAW photo, TanvirTamim , high quality, high resolution, sharp focus, extremely small box, cinematic lighting, 8k uhd, focus on face, (dynamic pose, random pose, modeling, posing:1.2)